The Beauty. 
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chill out, b.

chill out, b.

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Reason to Stay Here:

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

Please stay here with us.

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when a majority like white/cis/straight people complain about “reverse oppression” it’s like thrashing around in the shallow end of a pool with floaties on screaming that you’re drowning when all you gotta do is stand up and walk out meanwhile the rest of us can barely tread water out in the deep end but nobody notices since the lifeguard is tryna save your whiny ass

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in the morning with ohhipeskypie

photos by Anna Demarco

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i love how “lmao” has evolved over the years from a genuine expression of mirth to the modern symbol of wet, unemphatic amusement; the mere ghost of an emotion, reflecting the journey of modern youth from innocent naievete to hardened apathy lmao

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Black parents be on some other shit. They call your name and you yell back “yes?” but then they act like they don’t hear you but let yo ass try to mumble something. All the sudden this bitch got super sonic hearing.

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"I’d buy it if it was in black."

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